September 26, 2011. 66th UN General Assembly [the UN World Rehabilitation Organization] speech.

With all due respect, governments around the world, including United Nations and world peace, human rights organizations, everyone involved.

September 26, 2011 and Article 66 of the UN General Assembly decision-making and the role of the universal values of humanity through the [World Disabled Universal Declaration of Human Rights] that is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the disabled in accordance with, [World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO_23YRS)] is has been formally adopted by the organizations of the UN to declare officially digits.

To this declaration, because, among a diversified international political framework, based on human rights by creating the world’s history to go along with the [World Declaration of Human Rights for Disabled] were on the noble call.

This call around the world, the world’s underprivileged and disabled people to feel responsible for all of us aware of the infinite transform the meaning of to believe.

This recognition is based on the transition of world peace and world peace for disability rights by means of human rights organizations, [World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO_23YRS)] the August 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm has been listed officially as a member of the United Nations through the received the courtesy notice.

Today, the 66th UN General Assembly to vote, [World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO_23YRS)] as the formal organizations of the UN system by becoming an official declaration, the [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] under the United Nations Organization as a member of the organization will comply with the UN Charter.

In addition, the underprivileged and disabled people around the world seems real humanity, universal values of life to them, so that it can be executed every effort will be to race.

The [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] of these human dignity and to enjoy equal rights and also human beings live together in harmony to the world community wants.

Now, the [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] as a realistic and feasible method of underprivileged and disabled people around the world for human rights can be created so that hope is to provide direction.

Initially, the [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] in order to secure the financial indigenous’ financial soundness of the secure financial program for the future development must take precedence.

The [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] is a welfare-oriented economic welfare of the implied definition of the concept rather than a mere consumable distribution re-investment cycle of growth and the possible economic welfare can be realized over conventional welfare system to provide a revolution is.

In the major industrialized countries have already ‘welfare economy’ that is the basis for the [Rehabilitation Science] has highlighted the importance of early.

Real-life example, a robot instead of human hands and feet, deep-sea submarine • Unmanned space probes • Video • Computer • voice recognition devices, such as the U.S. Space Science and acquisition of developed countries in the creation of Silicon Valley for part of the Rehabilitation Science (RS) sector resulting from the disability is the result of the convenience.

As a result, the human race through the training of rehabilitation science and technology for the future, as well as the field of space exploration and astronomical system, and promote the welfare of disabled people and the world a more specific disability policy, the world was able to.

The [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] in the world of people with disabilities and welfare of the world’s human rights on the implementation of the new world economy and welfare practices to economic theory suggests six steps.

[Step 1] For the future of mankind the [world’s human rights of disabled people and the world’s people with disabilities] to transform the requirements for a new consciousness of the revolutionary era that is the situation.

[Step 2] the science of the twenty-first century is the era of state-of-the-art rehabilitation sciences industry. Rehabilitation Science for humanity to fulfillment on a global level should be oriented to the common ideals of the line.

[Step 3] of the underprivileged around the world and the world’s human rights and disability rehabilitation science (RS) is generated from industry, combined with the world economy and welfare of international agreements on global welfare economics project will evolve.

[Step 4] around the world agenda, as the backbone of industrial economy of the country, and rehabilitation sciences industry, which is derived from the state-of-the-art in space science and biotechnology 4T [Information Technology (IT) + biotechnology (BT) + environment, and minimal three technologies (NT)], and so linked with the era of global cooperation of the countries around the world to the Silicon Valley-based industries will continue to form.

This way toward the common good of high value-added applications of science and technology in rehabilitation, welfare economics is to create a competitive advantage.

[Step 5] on the world stage, human rights and protect the rights of persons with disabilities through the protection of human dignity and world peace and human welfare by elaborate on the integration will continue.

As a result, the [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] to participate in the Charter of the United Nations for national economies and welfare will be advanced as a country have credibility.

[Step 6] World Bank Rehabilitation (WRB), and 198 countries world-wide in conjunction with the global financial industry, and welfare by upgrading the financial agenda, to operate the world’s smooth integration of finance and welfare in the world economy will continue to build infrastructure.

Earlier international human rights organizations worldwide, including world peace leaders of the world’s leading role in those without it the [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] would have been impossible in the birth.

Human rights groups around the world, including world peace around the world will honor those who the world leaders.

For a long time for world peace and human dignity and continue to spread freedom around the world and the world’s underprivileged with disability to be a bright world expressed deep concern for keeping the U.S. government will honor the dear president, Mr. Barack Obama.

Dear UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, including former UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-undersheriff, Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and Jimmy Carter Foundation and the Nobel Foundation will honor anyone.

The [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization]’s general manager in Korea in order to attract the headquarters, along with South Korea dear President, Mr. Lee Myung-bak closet I salute you.

Especially in the past, Mr. Including George Byron Kerford WAPD Chairman [Mr. Patty Murray, Mrs. Mary L. Landrieu, Mr. Frank H. Murkowski, Mrs. Olympia Snowe, Mr. Orrin G. Hatch, Mr. Russxll D. Feingold, Mr. Herb Kohl, Mr. Jeff Sessions, Mr. Harry Read, Mr. Robert C. Byrd, Mr. Daniel K. Akaka, Mr. Joseph R. Biden.Jr, Mr. John Edwards, Madame. Barbara A. Mikulski, Mr. Paul S. Sarbanes, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Strom Thurmond, Mr. Joe Lieberman, Mr. Sam Brownback] the Senator and Mr. Gary Locke, Mr. James S. Gilmor Ⅲ Governor, and Mr. Member State Colin Powell, who is a big politician Mr. Donald P. Ambassador Gregg deep salute you.

The [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] of the United Nations and welfare policies (rehabilitation science and technology in accordance with macro-economic and industrial technology, welfare policy) with respect to the field of Rehabilitation Sciences, American University’s degree programs who try to open the U.S. government’s Committee on Special Education. I salute you, Dr. Jeanine Blanchard.

Yesterday UN Secretary-General in the Far East who sought to discharge, 56 people, President Mr. Bush and former U.S. Senate incumbent Congressman salute you.

In addition, the U.S. government’s Special Education Committee Mr. King, Kelly, Mr. Jaeger, Robert, Mr. Steven James Tingus, M.s, C. Phil. Director of NIDRR (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research), Chairman of Interagency Committee on Disability Research Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services US department of Education. I salute you.

Thank you very much.

September 18, 2011.

World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)
Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.
Chairman of WRO.


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